Serene Vannoy (ex_serenejo) wrote in sq_ft_garden,
Serene Vannoy

Behind the cut, a few photos of the garden. The ones of the tomato flowers and the Chinese broccoli didn't come out, but here are five photos of what I've come to call "my plant babies". someotherguy is going to watch over them while I'm gone, and when I get back, I'm hoping for some tomatoes, at the very least. Looks like the beets will really yield, too. Here's hoping!

The garden plot The garden plot

Some things lived, and some things didn't. I'll fill the empty spots when I return.

(Top row is all tomatoes; 2nd row: tomatoes, Chinese broccoli, marigold, tomato; 3rd row: empty (carrots didn't grow), empty (Thai basil didn't grow), beets (going strong), empty (anaheim chili sprouted but was watered under by an overzealous community gardener); 4th row: verbena, strawberries, the last dregs of the lettuce that ended up being slug food, and onions
Beets! Beets!

Strawberries! Strawberries!

Verbena! Verbena!

Apple! Apple!

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