Serene Vannoy (ex_serenejo) wrote in sq_ft_garden,
Serene Vannoy

The community garden plot The community garden plot

Our plot is marked off by a wooden border that extends from the far side of the apple tree (which is part of our plot), to just this side of the box you see. As you can see, we could easily fit two more boxes into the plot, but I'm trying to start small. The box is in the northeast corner of the plot, and the tree is on the southwest. I think I'd love to have a papasan or other comfy chair under the tree.
The box The box

Left is north in this picture -- the north end of the box has four of the tomato plants from cassidyrose, then the next column has the other two. To the far right, top to bottom, are a strawberry plant and a verbena.
Box, again Box, again

Bulbs Bulbs

Under our apple tree are some bulbs we can't identify, but we're excited to see if they turn into something next spring.
Close-up of bulbs Close-up of bulbs

Anyone have an idea what these might be? They look kinda like Jerusalem artichokes up close.
Apple! Apple!

It's a bit blurry, but we selected an apple to be our covergirl -- we'll take pics of her every time we're taking photos, and follow her apple-y progress. Hard to see, but she's green with a blush of peachy pink.

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