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I decided to go with tomatoes in the actual 4'x4' plot (one yellow pear, one grape, one Roma, one Early Girl). The little holes that make up the cinderblocks that keep the garden raised I choose to go with marigolds and basil on the E, W, and S walls, and dwarf sunflowers on the N side. :-)
My other 2 plots (also 4'x4') simply need to finish out the last of the winter crops (spinach, brocolli, and romaine lettuce), and they'll be turned over for cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelon, beans, and cantalope.
I can't wait!!
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Copied from my personal LJ:

Garden update:

Volunteer sunflower (we think) is about four feet high.

I finally got impatient and picked the one carrot that actually grew -- it was too teeny to even eat. Oh, well. I'll have to tell the little boy who planted it that I messed up and picked it too soon.

The cauliflower is flowering -- it never made a head of cauliflower, but the flowers are beautiful.

There's a big, fat blossom on one of the zucchini plants, and tons of buds on all of them. I think zucchini will be successful.

There are 20 or so flowers on the tomato plant.

There are 20 or so strawberries, in varying stages of ripeness, and I finally harvested our first strawberry -- that is, the first one that didn't get eaten by slugs the second it started to turn red. It only took three years to get that one strawberry! :-)

Let's see, what else? Oh, yes, the bean plant looks like it's doing fine. I may plant a couple more hills of zucchini, though, if that's going to be the real thriver in this garden.

Oh! And the apple tree has hundreds of lovely apples on it. In a couple months, I'm thinking we'll have a lot of pie and strudel around here.

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I have now got lettuce sprouts, and beans, and carrots where there were none a few weeks ago (from seed -- so exciting!). Also, the strawberries and purple cauliflower are doing really well, and the tomato seems to be doing fine.

Garden, yay!

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Well, I've been doing the garden in short bursts to keep from burning out, and I finally have the whole square-foot plot planted. I'll take pictures soon, but here's what I have planted:

rainbow chard?violet queen cauliflowerlettucerainbow bush beans
rainbow chard?violet queen cauliflowerviolet queen cauliflowerrainbow bush beans
red carrotsred carrotsmomotaro tomatoesfino verde basil
yellow onionsstrawberriesbeetsbeets

I only planted one tomato plant this year. I know tomatoes won't do all that well in my plot because of all the shade, but I can't seem to let go of the need to have fresh tomatoes. Maybe I'll plant some more in containers in stonebender's back yard (with his permission, of course) and see if they can handle only being tended once a week.

The "rainbow chard?" is because I planted some seeds that had spilled in my seed box, and I *think* they're chard, but I don't know for sure.

Oh, and since the last time I was there, there are suddenly leaves on the apple tree!
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Back in the garden

[posted to my LJ and a couple gardening groups; apologies if you see it more than once.]

Well, it wore me out, as I thought it would, but I took it relatively easy. Spent a half hour weeding just my square-foot box. Tomorrow, I'll do a half hour in my plot and a half hour in the common areas. I'm shooting for an hour a day this way, 2-3pm. It made me really happy to see that the strawberry plant that twostepsfwd gave me is still thriving; I hope we get berries this year!

Sadly, the frog in the userpic got broken while I was away from the garden. Perhaps I will buy a new mascot.

Today, I'll do some plannin'. Tomorrow, some plantin'. Yay! Garden!
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Volunteer Work-site

I do some volunteer work here. They practice bio-dynamics, are certified organic, sell their wares at a farmer's market, and are trying to be self sufficient. I know this isn't quite SFG but I just wanted to share. Mods feel free to remove if this is too far off the mark.

Yay, garden!

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So far, no garden pics (I haven't been in a picture-taking mood lately), but there's lots of garden joy this week. Last Friday, choirboypuppy came by to help me with some weed removal and planting, and to keep the garden cat company.

So far, the grid isn't nearly full, but it looks like this (tonight I'll plan what to put in the empty spaces):

pending pending 1 tomato (black zebra) 1 tomato (super sweet 100)
pending pending pending 1 sweet basil
pending reserved for slug trap (yeast/sugar mixture) pending pending
1 verbena (still there from last year) 1 strawberry (also from last year) pending pending

My goal is to go over there every day for at least a quick visit, and so far I'm doing well. Today, I laid down copper tape and pulled a few tiny weeds, along with watering the plot. Tomorrow, I plan to water the plot, water the butterfly-attractor plant I bought for the garden fence, put up my twine dividers, place my slug trap, and plant some seeds.

We'll see how it goes.
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Hello All

I have come to play in the dirt with you. My name is Dave, I live in Indiana, USA. I used the Square Foot Method last year and liked it, so much so I am giving up my 30 by 40 foot garden to go to this. Since it has been so nice here in January, I went outside and marked 6 4x4 beds, cut and flipped the sod, and I should be ready to lightly till when Spring comes.

I can't believe it has been so nice here this year, it will go to crap soon I am sure. It makes it hard not to have Spring fever...

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I realize this is a long shot, but I'm doing a research project in marketing and need some insight. We are creating the media plan (what media to use, and who to appeal to) for an organic gardening store, that specializes in environmentally friendly soils, fertilizers, and pesticides. My part of the project is to learn more about and understand the consumer market, so I had a few questions about
gardeners. I would appreciate it if you had the time to answer a few of them, if you know the answers off the top of your head. I hope it's not
too much trouble.

I'm just looking for insight into the types of people that garden, why they garden, and where
It is used as a release, is it a hobby, is it something you learned from your family, is it a form of bonding with children, do you take pride in your garden, why do you like having a garden/ gardening? Are there any other hobbies you partake in that you consider to be related to gardening. Do you just grow potted plants or do you have a full garden in a yard? Where do you get your gardening supplies, where do you find tips, are you part of a local gardening community? When did you start gardening, how much time a day do you spend gardening? And also, when you look at advertising, what form of media would make a greater impact on your gardening purchasing decisions? tv, radio, billboards, free samples?

Things like that, or anything else you might want to add.

Sorry if this is innappropriate to ask.
I just thought I'd give it a try.
you can comment back or e-mail me at

thanks so much!